Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Essay writing Tip #15

A good and easy Essay Writing Tip is to first know why you are writing the Essay.

First find out why you have to write the essay. In most cases its because it is for an assignment. If the essay is just for you to get a good grade, then know your reader.


If your handing the essay to your teacher, then your teacher will be the reader. If that is the case try your best to relate the essay to something your teacher is interested in. This is a good way to score some marks on your essay. IF your teacher likes fishing, make your essay somewhat related to fishing and how wonderful it is.
He/she will read your essay with more enjoyment and be more generous with marking it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Essay Tip # 27

If you are having trouble simply starting to write the Essay, try to apply it to something you are very interested in. Or apply the essay to something you like.

For example. If you like breasts, and your doing an essay about bacteria. Then try to realte things about breasts.

The bacterea surrounds the blood cell like a man would surround his mouth over a bear brested nipple.

Essay can be fun, essay can be sexual, essays can be cool if you make your essay cool.